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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Evan Heffron: 5 Things I Hate & Love About NFL Free Agency

The NFL Playoffs are a unique thing to the world. It's do or die every week. This system provides for some of the most passionate competition any sport has to offer. One would think that because of the emotion, comradery, and unity shown through the teams and fan bases throughout the regular and post seasons, there would be more loyalty between teams, the players, and the fans. REALITY CHECK: MARCH 1st CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Now, Here are 5 things Standing Room Only hates about the NFL Free Agency Period


1. We have to hear Jerry Jones speak.

2. Reggie White, Ray Lewis, Brian Dawkins, and Brett Favre would actually consider playing for another team.

3. Someone thought it was a good idea to give Nate Clements 80 Million dollars.

4. March 1st still means we're far from the draft.

5. My favorite team's organization never, ever, does anything right.

Yes I know. I'm being a real party pooper with all this whining. But hey, I am fan. Anything that will keep my attention towards football in the offseason deserves some props! Now, here are 5 things Standing Room Only loves about the Free Agency period.


1. All the drama in the NFL distracts the public and takes us right to first pitch on opening day!

2. The illusion that my team will actually sign someone I've heard of.

3. I don't have to watch my NBA and College Basketball team lose anymore. I can sit on and wait for updates to pop up on my screen for the next 2 weeks.

4. There will be updated rosters in Madden 2010.

5. Someone is actually going to sign their name on the dotted line and receive a substantial amount of money for holding a football while someone kicks it. Hell Yeah, Koy Detmer. *

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