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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Evan Heffron: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly- Opening Week in College Football

Its back. The tailgates, the band, the triple option, the atmosphere, the upsets, the powerhouses the excitement, the...... errrr...... right hooks? Nevertheless, whatever it is I love it. College football is here again and for the next 4 months this nation will be completely enthralled with the every movement of these 18-22 year old amateurs, and oh boy did these kids deliver the past few days. Now, for the first time in a few months, Standing Room Only is going to round up the weekend that was in college football.


-For Big East proponents, you have to love Cinci's drubbing of Rutgers on the road. This team seems to be even stronger than last year's BCS representative. Now, hopefully for the Big East, the Bearcats led by Tony Pike can run the table and give the ACC champ a run for their money.
- Notre Dame and Michigan both convincingly won their week one match up, setting the stage for a huge game for both teams in week two. Gotta think that Rich Rod and Charlie both need this win to keep their backsides' off the hot seat for another week. This will make for a great physical game, and even more so a can't-miss coaching match up.

- BYU's comeback was bolstered by a devastating pile-driver to Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford in the first half, but that doesn't down play quarterback Max Hall's heroics in the fourth quarter. This guy led his team down the field to barely take the lead on the third ranked team in all the land. It should be exciting how this team handles the rest of their not so easy Mountain West schedule.


- Really, Ohio State? Conceding an 85 yard touchdown pass to Navy? Yeah, It's true. Navy went into Columbus and gave the Buckeyes a real run for their money. Jim Tressel can't be too thrilled with the 31-27 squeaker mostly because the Trojans will be in town next Saturday night. There's no time to regroup against an FCS team this year, they will host USC and I just don't believe Ohio State has the fire power to fend off a much superior USC squad. Look for the Trojans to roll through Colombus by a large margin.

- Greg Paulus was managing the game, running the offense crisply, and not making any glaring mistakes until..... the game was actually in his hands. An errant pick in overtime sealed the fate for the Orange against Minnesota. It looked as if Paulus was trying to pull his best 2004 Mike Vick impression untill he forced the ball into a cluster of defenders in the end zone to end the offensive possesion, and ultimately the game. As of now, Paulus is the key for Syracuse football this season. He is going to have to do more than just manage the game to propel this group of players into bowl contention.

- West Virginia Giving up 20 points to Liberty. Enough said. Time for the big boys of the Big East to start stepping up before the Moutain West takes your BCS bid.


- Oh my did LaGarrette Blount earn this spot. The right hook that the Oregon running back landed on Boise State defender Bryan Hout was probably one of the most immature things I have ever seen, but hey, at least he had nice form on the hay maker. Would have made Joe Frazier proud. On a more serious note, The actions of Blount post-game may have just cost the Ducks their season. This team was destined to give USC a run for their money out west in the PAC-10, but all hopes of that seem to be grounded for the time being. It will be interesting to see how QB Jeremiah Masoli rounds up the troops and responds to this awful mess in Eugene.

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